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 How To Use The Files

The .lka are the "ready to burn" to CD files. Just write this file to a cd and insert it into your Pioneer deck. Then hold the source button until the unit shuts off. Now press and hold the ent & 6 button on your deck until you hear a beep. You should then see a download bar showing you the progress of the file being written to your deck.

IMPORTANT: All the .lka files on my site will overwrite the movie screen 2. On my 7500 deck for   example, it overwrites the movie that is after the motorcycle race movie. The motorcycle race being movie screen 1. If you are comfortable using Pioneers OEL Screensaver Studio program, then no need to worry. You can easily download the original movies from pioneers site and re-write them to your deck.

The .lkd are the files for OEL Screensaver Studio. You cannot burn these files to a CD to upload into your Pioneer deck. You must load them into the OEL Screensaver Studio program and then create your own .lka file. This option is best if you want to add one of my movies to a position other then movie 2 on your deck. Or if you want to load 2 movies at once.

Note: Please do not email me saying that the preview movies and the movies loaded to your pioneer deck don't look the same. The previews are pure black & white. An OEL movie loaded to a pioneer deck is 4 tones: black, dark grey, light grey, white. I am well aware of this difference and I believe most of you will understand the inevitable difference.
If you have any questions, feel free to Email me.